Profess​ional Broadcast and Video Production

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Live Professional Broadcasts

We did it live, and it was awesome!!! Metramedia wowed us with a live broadcast that looks as good, if not better than, anything I've ever seen on TV! I will definitely book them again for my next event.

Kelly P. - Customer

Reach hundreds of thousands, live over the Internet and make sure your special announcement is captured in Broadcast Quality, no matter the location!

BRAGI NYC Keynote Live Event

Cutting-edge Live Sports Broadcasts with recap, play by play, graphics and much more!

NWHL 1st Season Live Broadcast

We can bring the studio to you, using our state of the art mobile platform along with special additions such as teleprompters and more!

On-Location Special Broadcast

Live Broadcasts always captured with top of the line Broadcast Quality equipment... no pixelation or frame stutters!

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Metramedia can broadcast your presentation live including PowerPoint slides and then repackage the recorded content for your future use!

AST Fellows Symposium - Presentation Broadcast